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Last Update: 27 Oct 2017
Version 6.0.9
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State Intellectual property Unit Function and ServicesState Intellectual property Unit Function and Services
  • To develop and implement plans and programmes to improve State Intellectual Property (IP) institutional and operating frameworks.
  • To advise the Sarawak Information Technology and Resources Council (SITRC) and the State Government on developments at national and international levels on issues or matters relating to IP.
  • To formulate state IP legalizations, policies, guidelines and processes in line with national and international standards for systematic internal identification, protection and management of State Government IP/IPR.
  • To centrally plan, source, consolidate and manage common services and resources, such as budget and procurement needs, for State IP protection and management in consultation with state agencies and relevant parties and authorities.
  • To promote and organize cooperation and outreach programmes at community, state or national levels.
  • To operate a one-stop State Government IP Office to advise and assist state agencies with the registration and development of State Government IP/IPR.
  • To engage and liaise with relevant state, national and international authorities or consultants to file document or formalize the registration and development of State Government IP/IPR or for IP dispute resolution.
  • To organize training courses, up skilling activities, seminars, workshops or discussion forums to promote, develop and disseminate IP information, knowledge and skills for the identification, protection or commercialization of State IP/IPR in local communities and state agencies.
  • To develop and maintain a baseline information on State IP/IPR and conduct research, studies and benchmarking exercises for measures to better identify, protect and manage the State's IP/IPR. 
  • To provide educational and consulting services on IP to state agencies to assist them in understanding the IP subject matter and to better internalize and manage State IP frameworks and operating procedures.
  • To provide information on the IP legal framework and to provide general legal advice or assistance to state agencies in relation to the protection and management of State IP/IPR.